How much paint do I need for my project?

A quart of Velvet Finishes covers roughly 120 square feet of surface.

The formula for determining your paint quantity needs is simple. Once you know the total square footage of surface space you will be painting, you can determine how much paint is needed by using our simple formula.



Let us introduce you to Velvet Finishes! The no sand, no prime, no chalk, no wax furniture paint formula that will rock your world! From our 27 Velvet Finishes colours, our Furniture Gels and Glazes, to the Reviver Paint Brush Series, Velvet Finishes offers everything that you will need to make furniture painting a breeze. First time DIYer? No Problem! Old pro? Pshhh, you're going to love this! Let us answer some frequently asked questions as you get ready to Colour Your World...


There are many talented bloggers across the blogosphere that colour their world with Velvet Finishes! Below are furniture projects and tutorials that are sure to inspire you. Be sure to look at our blog, Design Asylum Blog, to see our detailed tutorials and painting projects. 


Here, we show just how easy it is to use the Velvet Finishes furniture paint products.  This NO sand, NO wax paint formula makes painting furniture so simple, you are not going to believe it!  You can easily add more color and depth to your projects with the VF Enhance Glazes and Gels. Also learn how to distress Velvet Finishes quickly and in several different ways. We tell all here!  And like we say "Velvet Finishes is so easy, even we can do it!"

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