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OPULENT: sumptuous and luxurious. This light gray is versatile and stylish.

Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint is a specially formulated, low VOC and non-toxic, latex, water based paint. The READY-COLOUR-ENHANCE system is so easy to use, it’s like taking candy from a baby. This is a NO SAND, NO WAX, NO BRUSHSTROKES paint formula guaranteed to rock your world! Velvet Finishes gives an amazing adhesion and long-lasting durability, with no prep work required.

Velvet Finishes Paint Product Features:
  • Available in a 32oz, 16oz or 8oz container size
  • Built in primer and top coat which saves you time
  • The beauty of COLOUR is the randomness in which you can paint. Brush strokes disappear so the direction of your application becomes less important. Slap. It. On.
  • Bright, vibrant finish
  • Easy to enhance and distress
  • Even though Velvet Finishes dries quickly, don't forget that the paint needs to cure before using. We recommend several days cure time.
  • Our specially formulated, low VOC product does not emit harmful chemicals or a nasty smell.
  • Suitable for interior projects only.
  • Made in the USA.
  • You can update your furniture projects with ease with a fabulous colour finish, or you can easily add special effects with our glazes, waxes, metallics, and more.
  • A quart of Velvet Finishes covers roughly 120 square feet of surface. The formula for determining your paint quantity needs is simple. Once you know the total square footage of surface space you will be painting, you can determine how much paint is needed by using our simple formula. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET

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